Hi, Nice to meet you.

I am Uddipaan and I am a computer engineer <3

About Me

I am a Computer Engineer.

Computing technologies have a big impact on our day to day life. Its hard nowadays to imagine our lives without computing devices and Internet. What drives my obsession is the underlying magic that makes some systems stand apart from the others. From a simple web application to an intelligent agent, the thing that doesn't let me sleep is how are they developed and operating on the scale they are in. Of course, they aren't what they are today, in a one day's work. A lot of brilliant brains have put in efforts tirelessly for the inception of such systems. My quest as a Computer Engineer is to understand on a deeper level the struggles of creating customer facing applications. My main areas of interests are modular application development and highly available system architecture. However open to any new technology on the horizon.

Favorite Quote:

“The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.” ― Steve Jobs

Work I have done


I have worked on many awesome projects and technologies. Being a dev enthusiast, I am just obsessed with new advancement in the fields of Computer Science. Wanna chat with me regarding any projects or ideas? Just hit me up on my social media.

Things I love doing

My Interests

Mainly, I love browsing through new technologies and use them in my personal system, other than that I am in love with playing video games such as CSGO, PUBG etc. Also, I play football not as good though and play guitar primarily.

Contact me

You can contact me in any of the platform given below!